I have been involved in the world of purebred dogs for 40 years.  My first purebred dog was a Basset Hound.  Next came Boxers, and now, along with the Boxers, we co-own a Boston Terrier.

I am a life member of the Boxer Club of Canada Inc. and the Canadian Kennel Club Inc., as well as my local All Breed Club, Nipissing Kennel Club Inc.  I am also one of the founding members of the Northern Ontario Boxer Club and a longtime member of the American Boxer Club Inc.

I created the PowerPoint Presentation “Judging the Boxer”.  This presentation is approved by the Boxer Club of Canada and used for judges’ education.  I have judged large Boxer Specialties in Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines, and Argentina.

I am licensed to judge Group 3.


(Kennel – Adamis)

John first became involved in dogs when he was a teenager in the 1970’s, working several dogs through to their Obedience titles. In 1979, John purchased his first Miniature Schnauzer. During the 1980’s he apprenticed under Schnauzer handlers Sue Baines and Jackie Hicks (Irrenhaus). During that time, he developed his Schnauzer line based on the Irrenhaus dogs. John developed his Brussels Griffon line based on a black smooth French import combined with the American Norkus, Canadian Lorricbrook and UK Marquant lines. John became involved in Boston Terriers through his husband, Lloyd Amodei and has been enthusiastically breeding and exhibiting Boston since then.

While maintaining a full-time job, John has been breeding Schnauzers and Brussels Griffons for over 35 years. Over those years, he bred over 125 champions, including group and Best in Show winners and handled over 150 champions. He bred the top Miniature Schnauzer in United Kingdom in 2003 and the first duel USA/United Kingdom Champion. He has judged the American Brussels Griffon Association National Specialty. and the American Miniature Schnauzer Club’s National Specialty twice. John has judged many regional specialties in the USA and National Specialties in Japan, China, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Denmark and Argentina. He is presently approved to judge the Terrier Group, the Working Group, most of the Toy Group and Boston Terriers, as well as Best in Show.

John has served as the President of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club from 2005 until 2013. Previously, he served as Vice President for five years and had been a Board Member for over 15 years, as well as assuming many committee positions over the years. He is currently the Judge’s Education Coordinator. John is also a member of the Montgomery County Kennel Club. He is a founding member and President of the Liberty Brussels Griffon Club. He is a member of the Boston Terrier Club of America, the Tri-Angle Boston Terrier club, as well as several Kennel Clubs, including Hatboro Dog Club and Penn Treaty Kennel Club for which he has served as Show Chairman.


Randy Garren used his lawn-mowing money at the age of 12 to purchase his first show dog, a Toy Poodle. From that moment on his enjoyment of the sport and purebred dogs has never waned. He has bred more than 60 champions, and as a professional handler he and his partner finished about 1,000 champions. Among their top winners were two Standard Poodles, including Ch. Whisperwind On a Carousel, Best in Show at Westminster in 1991, and Ch. Lake Cove That’s My Boy, the top-winning Non-Sporting dog in history. Randy was co-breeder of the 2009 Westminster Non-Sporting Group winner, Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation, also the top-winning black Poodle of all time, all varieties.

Randy has bred Norfolk Terriers, Maltese, all Poodle varieties, Japanese Chins and Mini Wire Dachshunds.

He began judging in 2000 and is now approved for the Toy, Non-Sporting, Hound and Terrier Groups and Best in Show. In 2012 he judged the Non-Sporting Group at Westminster and has enjoyed assignments in various countries around the world.


Born in Neath Wales on the cusp of WWll Peter grew up in the depravation that accompanied and followed the War. His Uncle Harold Snow introduced him at the age of Eleven to what would become his life’s passion showing and breeding Terrier. Ha attended shows, showing and grooming the Felstead dogs till he emigrated to the USA not once but twice, first to Malibu CA, too much for a young man from Wales and then a few years later to Pool Forge and the Weimers in Chuchtown Pa(more like Wales) He has remained in this area ever since and has become the most well known and most respected Terrier Man I the world.

He has won MCKC nine times some of which with the famous wires Gasul Excellence and Forchlas Cariad and Rigador Right Again Galsul Excellence going on to top dog. He has won the terrier group at Westminster several times, notably with the Wire Sunnybrook Spot On, twice the second time Duke came out of retirement at the age of eight! He has won BIS at Westminster four times and as such holds the record in tandem with the famous Percy Roberts.

After retiring from handling in in 2006 Peter was approved by the AKC to judge all terriers and the group. He has judged BIS at MCKC the terrier group at Westminster The AKC Show and Crufts. He was also honored to judge BIS at Crufts as well as win BIS there with the Norfolk bitch Cracknor Cause Celebre.

Peter is now approved to judge the Terrier, Toy and Herding groups as well as many non-sporting breeds.


My wife, Karol, and I started with Vizslas in 1974 and lost our last one in 2013.  We successfully competed in conformation, obedience and hunting tests.

Richard has served the Vizsla Club of American as Standing Show Chairman, Board of Director, Secretary and President.  He has also served as Education Chair, Board of Director and President of the Senior Conformation Judges Association.  In addition, Richard was a member of the AKC Canine Health Foundation Committee that performed peer review evaluations of research proposals submitted to the Foundation.

I believe the function and purpose of each breed must be taken into consideration when judging.  Over the years, I have judged numerous national and international breed specialties as well as numerous regional specialties.

Karol and I live on a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina and share their home with a blind Basenji, two rescue dogs and one rescue cat.


Robert Indeglia is a native New Englander, born and raised on Rhode Island.  Schooling included Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown Medical School, with further training in surgery and cardiovascular surgery at the University of Minnesota during the infancy of cardiac surgery where he also received a PhD in surgery and biomedical engineering.

His activities in purebred dogs began in early childhood with his parents’ involvement with Cocker Spaniels in the 1930’s and 40’s.  He became involved with Norwegian Elkhounds in 1960 and over the next 37 years bred 40 litters and has shown over 50 champions.  He has been active in the Elkhound parent club and served on it board, as well as, President and AKC delegate in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  He bred 2 boxer litters in the 1960’s and has shown and owned Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.  His wife, Mary, is a Whippet enthusiast, who currently has three group winning Whippets, two of whom are at home decorating their couches and soft chairs, as well as an ever present Yorkie, a Labrador, and two Elkhounds.

He began judging Elkhounds in 1971 and is currently licensed to judge Sporting, Hound, Working, and Non-Sporting and 10 Herding breeds.  He has judged the Hound (twice) and Non-Sporting at Westminster KC and reached the pinnacle of judging by doing Best in Show in 2007.  He judged the Canadian National in the 80’s in Calgary and has judged many times outside the US.


I have been actively involved with American Cocker Spaniels since 1972, when I purchased my first show Cocker. I went on to breed and finish several champions, as well as handling a number of client dogs.

I have been licensed to judge for the American Kennel Club since 1996, and now judge the Sporting and Non-Sporting groups, several Toy breeds, Miscellaneous classes, Junior Showmanship and Best in Show.

Some of the most memorable events in my judging career have been judging in Canada, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Russia, Australia, China and South Korea. I have also had the honor of judging at Westminster Kennel Club, as well as the AKC National Championship show, and have been selected to judge my own breed at the American Spaniel Club five times.

My approach to judging has always been to put overall breed type above any single attribute. It is important to investigate all the points addressed in a standard when evaluating an exhibit. However, I feel that, too often, the overall picture can be ignored in the final analysis. Unity of structure, harmony of proportion, functioning of the structure in movement and correctness of all features for the breed’s intended purpose are of greater importance than any factors considered separately. Of course, as a judge, I want it all!

I am delighted to be judging for you.


Paul and Jean Lawless breed and exhibit Belgian Shepherd Dogs and Schipperkes under the Revloch Affix and have bred multiple World Winners in both breeds. Among the most famous dogs they have owned/bred have included Crufts Winner Multi Ch Revloch Zidane, World Winner Ch Revloch X Factor and the history making Ch Revloch Figo, the first Belgian Shepherd Groenendael to win BIS All Breeds in both Ireland and the UK. In Schipperke, they owned/bred Dual World Winner Multi Ch Revloch Coco Chanel and dual Crufts BOB Winner Ch Monterrez Jingle Belle for Hantreved. They were Top Breeders All Breeds in Ireland in 2014 and they have been Top Breeders in BSD Groenendaels in the UK for the last six years, despite living in Ireland. They have also over the years campaigned Australian Silky Terriers to great success as well as Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs.

Paul is Chairman of the Irish Kennel Club Judges Committee and is licensed to judge all Breeds in FCI Groups 1, 2, 5, 7 & 9 as well as a number of breeds in FCI Group 8 and also Best in Show. Jean is licensed to judge all Breeds in FCI Groups 1, 2, 3 and 5 as well as a number of breeds in FCI Groups 6 & 10 and is also licensed for Best in Show. They will both judge at Crufts in 2017 and again in 2018 and look forward to this return visit to judge in Canada.


My wife Linda and I started with dogs in 1969 with Cocker Spaniel and German Shepherd. We acquired our 1st Doberman Pinscher from Chance Run’s kennels and Biggin Hills kennels. In 1972 and later we imported a few Giant Schnauzers from Germany. We have owned or bred and or received championship titles on Cocker Spaniel, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, German Wirehaired Pointer, Great Dane, Miniature Pinscher, Pointer, West Highland White Terrier, and Whippet.  In addition, we bred and showed Arabian Horses from 1971 to 1985, and reared a few Toggenberg Goats to wean puppies and keep the horses company. Doberman Pinschers are our main breed under our surname Marquis., and have bred numerous champions. We currently reside with our 13-year young Doberman, a Giant Schnauzer, and a Whippet. Linda and I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Natalie who chose the love of horses and Kelly who chose the love of dogs.

Licensed by the American Kennel Club to judge in 1991. Currently approved to judge Sporting and Working Groups, some Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding breeds. Have judged in numerous countries including Argentina, Canada, China, Columbia, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and Trinidad and was privileged to judge the 2000 Doberman Pinscher Club Argentina National and the 2012 Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada National.

I love and admire many breeds in all groups and believe in the importance of breed specific form and function, and the application of this belief through my judging.

Member, officer and past officer of numerous dog organizations. Lifelong Electronic Engineer, past member of the IEEE(Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers). Formally employed by Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Raytheon, Sanders Assoc., and Honeywell Corporations.


Dennis McCoy enjoyed a phenomenal career as a professional handler, that included handling many all breed and specialty Best in Show winners (he won more than 500 Bests In Show as a handler) the top winning Poodle and Dalmatian in breed history, seven Group wins at Westminster, (including five consecutive Non-Sporting Groups from 1996 to 2000) and Best in Show at Westminster in 1991 with the Standard Poodle, Ch. Whispering on a Carousel.

With his partner, Randy Garren, the handling and breeding kennel of Randenn finished more than 1000 champions.  They have co-bred seven generations of Standard Poodles, including the 2009 Westminster Non Sporting Group winner and the top winning black Poodle (All Varieties).

Mr. McCoy retired from handling and began his judging career in 2000.

One of the highlights of his judging career was judging the Toy Group at Westminster in 2013. He gave 1st in Group to the Affenpinscher, Banana Joe, who went on to win Best in Show.

Dennis McCoy is licensed to judge Groups 4, 5, 6, and Best in Show.


Carol A. Reisman began in the sport of dogs in 1967 exhibiting Afghan Hounds.  She was mentored by Sunny Shay of Grandeur Kennels, whom she calls “the mother of the breed in the United States”.

As a breeder exhibitor Ms. Reisman had great success, including Best of Breed at the 1979 Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty. As a breeder she is very proud to have maintained a tight bloodline that was sought out by the top breeders of the day.

Ms. Reisman is approved to judge All Hounds, Poodles, Chows, Bulldogs, and Dalmatians.  She has judged throughout the US, and in top venues abroad, including the United Kingdom’s prestigious Hound Show.   She considers a Hound Group assignment at Westminster the highlight of her career.

Before retiring from the children’s clothing industry, she co-founded KIDS (Kids In Distressed Situations) an organization that provides clothing for children in need worldwide.


Trishamar Siberians was born in 1996 when my husband, son and I purchased two Siberian Husky females. We’ve been exhibiting since that time and commenced our breeding program in 1998. In addition to Siberians, I have exhibited and bred Whippets and Pomeranians though on a much smaller scale.

Some of our highlights include Best in Show littermates – MBIS Ch Trishamar’s What a Star Aurora and BIS Can/Am/Hun Ch Trishamar’s Whole Nine Yards. We’ve also had a number of specialty winners; the first was MBISS Ch Trishamar’s Bacardi Select who twice won a specialty, the 2nd time as a Veteran.  Another testament to our program is MBISS Can/Am Ch Trishamar’s Pinball Wizard winning his first specialty as a 5-year-old and his 2nd as a Veteran.

In addition to exhibiting in conformation, I have been active in the obedience ring.  Training three different Trishamar Siberians to their CD titles as well as earning a Rally Novice title on BISS Can/Am Ch Trishamar’s Night of the Hunter CD RN CGN.  Not to be forgotten I was also to successfully trial my Pom, Ch Jolvin’s Rocket Man CD RN to 2 obedience titles.

Without intentionally trying to breed a ‘working’ Siberian, a number of Trishamar born dogs are running successfully on sled teams and have earned Working Dog titles.

I have been a member of the CKC since 1996 and am also a member of the Siberian Husky Club of Canada. Currently I am the President of the Siberian Husky Club of Ontario and the Show Chairperson for the Woodstock & District Canine Association.

Thanks to the Erie Shores Kennel Club for giving me this judging opportunity.


(Kennel – Classical)

Bea has owned and shown Bearded Collies since 1976 and Havanese since 2003 and during that time she has bred over 200 champions in many countries. Her Beardies have won more than 65 BCCC Annual Awards, 35 Best In Specialty wins and approximately 110 All Breed Best In Shows. She bred, owned and handled Canada’s Top Dog All Breeds in 1997 – Harrison, Can.Am.Ch. Classical Image Of A Legend. She has had the top winning Beardies in Canada and the US on numerous occasions. In 2015, two different multiple Best In Show and Best In Specialty winning dogs were the #1 Beardie in their respective countries (Canada & the US) and another Beardie was the #1 Female in the US in 2015 & 2016.

She has bred many outstanding dogs that have gone on to be the foundation of some of the most successful Beardie kennels around the world.


I have been involved in the sport of dogs since 1972.  I began with Afghans, but since 1975 I am best known for breeding and exhibiting Borzois under the Marakhoff prefix.  Together with my family we have produced many “Best in Show” winners and champions in numerous countries. I commenced judging in 1998 and have had the privilege of judging throughout Australia, N. Zealand, Japan and USA.

I have had a strong connection with German Shorthaired Pointers and was honoured to judge a specialty for the NSW GSH Pointer Club.  This is a privilege usually reserved for a breeder judge.  I have also judged “Gundog” (as we call them) specialties in Queensland and New Zealand.  Again, an honour for a “hound” person.

I am absolutely honoured and delighted to adjudicate at the Erie Shores Kennel Club Shows


Carol and I started in purebred dogs in1968 when we bought our first borzoi. We showed and bred borzoi for many years and then our daughter bought her first longhaired dachshund. Although she started us in dachshunds, we carried on with breeding and showing both breeds. Over the years, we owned and showed whippets, a Scottish deerhound, saluki and greyhound.

I started judging in 1982 being licensed for borzoi. Ron is now able to judge all hound, all sporting, all working, and some non-working breeds.

The Spritzkof banner has produced many AKC & CKC champions, Specialty winners, Group winners and a multi Best in Show Longhaired dachshund.  We have also owned and exhibited several of the other sighthound breeds.

Carol is approved to judge the Hound Group and half of the Sporting Group.  Carol has judged many major Specialty shows across the USA including the Dachshund Club of America Specialty and the Canadian Dachshund Club Specialty a few years ago.

We are looking forward to our judging assignment at the Erie Shores Kennel Club.


I was born on Long Island and raised with the Labs my father hunted ducks with, though they were really the family pets. I bred Labs in Virginia under the Yarrow prefix for many years and during that that time was a founding member and president of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac. Since the mid-seventies, I have bred and shown Norwich and Norfolk terriers including many Best in show winners and the Norfolk bitch Cracknor Cause Celebre number one all breeds and MCKC BIS winner. I have bred Affens since the early nineties producing Best in Show record holders and many National specialty winners.

Since retiring as a professional handler in 2006 have been an AKC approved judge. Currently approved to judge Sporting Terrier and Toy groups as well as some breeds in the Working and Herding groups.  I have been privileged to judge at the AKC show and Westminster KC as well as many countries throughout the world and have met many wonderful people through this sport.

I have served as show chair for the all-breed Skyline KC in VA President of That and the Lab Club of the Potomac and as show chair for the Affenpinscher Club .


Victory, Perm. Reg’d Standard Wire Haired Dachshunds

I started in the sport of purebred dogs training a Dachshund in obedience. My goal was to have my dog trot smartly to the end of the driveway and fetch my newspaper, not a very practical goal with a vertically challenged breed and a local newspaper the size of the Toronto Star!

I bought my foundation Dachshunds from my mentor, Joyce Alden of Briandchris Kennels in Unionville, ON., then became interested in conformation shows and Standard Wire Haired Dachshunds in 1973, being encouraged by Joyce and Shirley DeBoer to learn to groom and exhibit my then obedience dog Angus to his championship.

I began breeding in 1980 under the kennel name Victory and have been very lucky winning both in Canada and the USA and producing top placing dogs over the years.

I started to breed Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds in1990 but after 10 years I found I prefer living with and training the Standard Wires which I still actively breed and exhibit, in conformation and obedience!

I have also exhibited Yorkshire Terriers, Akita, Alaskan Malamutes and Airedale Terriers.

I started to judge in 1996 and I am eligible to judge Hounds, Terriers and Toys and the top half of Non-Sporting.



I have been involved in dogs since 1975 when I got my first Old English Sheepdog.  I have been active in the dog world since that time.

I am a breeder and handler of Old English Sheepdogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Portuguese Water Dogs and, now, Berger Picards.  We have finished over 100 Champions in these breeds.

I am currently approved to judge the Working and Herding Groups for the AKC.   I feel that all judges should impart a positive and helpful attitude in the ring.


Born and raised in Quebec, France has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1987 when she purchased her first show dog, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Shortly after, she acquired her very first Kerry Blue Terrier and has been involved in the breed ever since, breeding and showing under the Symphonie prefix.  France was also active as a professional handler for many years, successfully showing in Canada and in the US. In the 30 years of her passion for the purebred dogs, she showed 7 different Kerry Blues to over 70 BIS and BISS in Canada and in the US, 5 of which as a breeder/owner/handler. She has produced champions in 5 different countries, many of which are multiple specialty and BIS winners. Owned and showed one of her Kerries to #1 KBT all-system in the US in 2006 winning 3 US all-breed BIS’s along the way and several specialty including the winning breed the US National (Montgomery County KC).  Two of her most memorable assignments were the KBT Club of Chicago 60th Anniversary Specialty and the Nordic Terrier Club specialty in Sweden last summer, having the privileged to judge the finals from a group of over 450 terriers entered and honored to be on the same panel with renown judges such as Martin Phillips, Ross Delmar and Falk Siewert. Her favorite past time include reading, gardening and training in agility, to name a few.  For a living, France is self-employed, running a home-based grooming business.  It’s all about dogs!



As a teenager, I wanted a horse, my parents would only go for a dog   The dog of my choice was a black Labrador Retriever, Suzie.  This started my association and love with the breed.  I became involved with the sport of dog obedience and conformation shortly after.  I have trained and competed in Obedience and Conformation for the past fifty-five years.  I have been lucky enough to obtain, ten OTCH titles and I’m working on number eleven.

My wife and I have breed Labradors for thirty-five years using the Gainspride prefix.  Gainspride Labradors have produced Specialty and Best in Show winners.  We have also trained and shown Miniature Pinschers

I have been judging Obedience for twenty-seven years and Rally-O since its addition to CKC.   In conformation, I’m approved for four groups, Sporting, Toys, Herding, Working and on permit for the Hound Group.

I would like to wish all the competitors the best of luck on their chosen endeavor.


Ted has been a licensed CKC Obedience judge since 2002. As well as Obedience, Ted also judges Rally and judges Obedience and Rally in the US. He has been involved in the performance events since 1979, trailing first with a Boxer and then with Border Collies. Ted has extensive experience in Flyball as well.

He is married to Sheila, who also trials in Obedience. They live in Hamilton and are active members of the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club. They have two married children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Ted is a retired teacher with thirty-five years in the classroom. Ted is also active as an elder in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.


Marie has been training dogs since 1987.  She has competed with her BC’s, Golden Retriever and Norwegian Buhund earning GMOTCH, OTCh’s and many HITs along the way.  Her first dog OTCH McCann Megan AG.X Am UD was the #1 Obedience dog in Canada in 1998 and her Golden GMOTCH Windrows Do U Believe in Magic AG. I WC RE Am CDX WC was the #1 Obedience dog in Canada in 2005.  Marie began doing Rally in 2003, her dogs have all earned RE and RAE titles.  She began judging Rally Obedience in 2007 and Obedience in 2013.


Louise was introduced to Belgian Shepherds whilst working in Holland. She brought one back to Canada and has been with the breed ever since.

She shows in Conformation and trials in Obedience, Rally, Tracking and IPO. She is also a Tracking judge.

Louise lives in Nova Scotia.  She is looking forward to judging Rally Obedience at the Erie Shores Kennel Club shows this summer.